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Overdue Fines

The overdue fine is 25 cents per day for each item overdue. This money goes into the University's general fund. If the return or renewal of books is grossly ignored or if fines accumulate, the Libraries will restrict library privileges. In some cases we may also restrict access to course registration, transcripts, the graduation process and the purchase of athletic tickets.

Avoid fines by using the self-renewal feature of GIL. For more information, see My Account.

If a book is recalled for another researcher, a fee of $1.00/day will be assessed if the item is not returned by the date specified. All patrons are subject to recall fines.

Fee Payment Options

Payment for fines and fees can be made in person at the Main and Science Libraries' circulation desks with cash, check, or credit card.  Can't get to the library? Payments can also be made via telephone with a credit card or by mail with a check or money order paid to the order of UGA Libraries. Contact Information for the Main and Science Libraries:

Main Library Science Library
Access Services Department Access Services Department
University of Georgia Libraries University of Georgia Libraries
Main Library Science Library
Athens, Georgia 30602-1641 Athens, Georgia 30602-7412
Phone: 706.542.3256 Phone: 706.542.4535

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Restrictions and Holds

The Libraries will restrict the library privileges of any borrower who accumulates excessive unpaid fines, fails to renew books, fails to return books needed by others or fails to pay for lost or damaged books. If the borrower is or has been a UGA student, a hold will be placed on their record in Banner (the UGA Registrar's system). When Library privileges are restricted, the borrower cannot charge materials, hold a carrel or request interlibrary loans. When a hold is placed on a record in the Registrar's system, the borrower will not be able to register for classes, purchase athletic tickets, or receive official copies of their University transcripts. Both restrictions and holds will be removed when the obligations to the Libraries are cleared. Some processing time may be required to remove either type of block.

It is highly recommended that borrowers leaving the University check their library account to ensure that no materials are checked out to them and that they have met all Library obligations.

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Damaged Books

Borrowers accept responsibility for treating books with care. If a book is returned damaged, the borrower will be assessed charges for repairs such as replacement of a warped or molding binding. If a book cannot be repaired, the user will be charged replacement costs for the book plus a processing fee and any overdue fines. When a book is out of print, the borrower will be assessed costs for replacing the item with a similar title on the subject, except in cases where the item may be available through rare book dealers.

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Lost Books

Please report lost books promptly to the library. Tthe borrower will be charged for the cost of a replacement copy, plus a $35.00 processing fee and any overdue fines. The processing fee is non-refundable once paid. The price of the book is refundable within two years of the date paid.

If the borrower believes they may have returned the book, they should contact the Access Services Department where a search for the book within the library will be initiated. If the book is found and shows signs of having been through any steps of the discharging process, the book will be removed from the borrower's record and fines will not be charged. Until the book is in hand, however, it cannot be removed from the borrower's record.

Patrons who wish to provide replacement copies to the library must be willing to accept the risk of the copy being rejected by the bibliographer. The replacement copy must be an exact copy of the lost book. Please observe these requirements when seeking a replacement copy:

  1. Item must be the same edition
  2. Item must have the same ISBN number
  3. Item must have the same publisher
  4. Item must be the same publication year
  5. Item must have the same or very similar number of pages including any maps, illustrations, etc.
  6. Item must be in new or very good condition (no markings, highlighting, tears, loose pages, broken end sheets, stains, mold, etc.)

If the replacement copy is rejected by the bibliographer then the patron must pay the price of the book, processing fee and any applicable overdue fines. If the replacement copy is accepted by the bibliographer then the patron only pays the processing fee and any applicable overdue fines.The replacement copy becomes the property of the University of Georgia Libraries and cannot be returned to the patron even if the Libraries copy is found at a later date.

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