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PIN access for My Account FAQ
  • Why do I need a PIN? In an effort to provide more security in accessing your account online, the use of a PIN has been implemented. Since the user determines the PIN, this helps insure the prevention of unauthorized access to your account.
  • What will I need a PIN to do? Any time you log in to your account online:
    • Getting the GALILEO password
    • Viewing the list of items you have checked out
    • Renewing materials online
    • Making requests
    • Reviewing the status of requested materials
  • How will I get my PIN? At the My Account screen:
    1. Enter your library barcode number.
    2. Enter your last name
    3. Click on the Get My PIN link. A temporary PIN will be immediately emailed to you.
      1. Once you have received your temporary PIN, log in to your account
      2. Change your PIN by clicking on the Change PIN button directly under your name & address in your patron account
      • NOTE: Using Internet Explorer to change your PIN will cause the browser to hang up for a minute or so while completing the process.
        Firefox is recommended if possible because it does not have a delay.
  • PIN tips:
    • 5 to 12 alphanumeric characters
    • No special characters
    • PINs should be random and unique letters and digits. Although this may make it harder to remember, your accounts will be better protected. Do not use information for your PIN that could be easily guessed.
  • What if I don't have an email address? Your PIN will be received via email so your library account must have a valid, current email address. Contact the Access Services Department if you need to verify this information. If you do not have access to email, contact the Access Services Department to receive a PIN.
  • What if I forget my PIN? You can use the 'Get My PIN' link on the login screen at anytime to have it emailed to you if you forget your PIN.