Reserve Services

The Reserve collections of the Main and Science Libraries provide limited circulation of books and other materials to support University teaching activities. Reserve services are available to faculty and graduate teaching assistants who wish to restrict the loan period or provide electronic access on assigned readings in order to make them available to a maximum number of students.The University System of Georgia supports instruction with electronic reserves and similar electronic services. The primary function of these services is to assure that students and teachers will have timely access to course-related library resources.

Traditional Reserves

Library owned materials, as well as personal materials, may be placed in the closed stack Reserve area. These items are listed through the online catalog's course reserve search which can be queried by instructor, course number or department. To obtain traditional reserve material, patrons must present both the call number and appropriate identification (UGA students must present a current UGACard) to the Reserve staff. Patrons should ask for assistance if they cannot locate the call number of the item they need.


Instructors select the loan period which is appropriate for the needs of their class.


The fine rate for overdue reserve items is higher than the regular circulation fine rate to encourage patrons to return materials on time.

2 hour charges which must be used within the Library 50¢/hour or portion of an hour
2 hour charges which may leave the library 50¢/hour or portion of an hour
1 day charges $3.00/day
3 day charges $3.00/day
7 day charges $3.00/day

  • To ensure that Reserve materials are readily available, the number of items which may be checked out at one time is limited.
  • Reserve material must be returned directly to the service desk from which it was checked out. Failure to do so may result in fines accruing until the material is received at the desk.
  • Patrons who do not return Reserve items promptly may have their records restricted or flagged.

Electronic Reserves

E-reserves are materials such as articles, class notes, and other items, that are available as full-text files which students can access online. With E-Reserves students can download and print many Reserve items from any campus computer or their home at their convenience (see below for tips on viewing and printing). A password is needed to access online E-Reserves documents, as copyright concerns require that these items be password protected. Passwords are assigned by the instructor and must be unique for each course and changed each semester. It is the instructor's responsibility to give the password to their class(es).

Accessing Electronic Reserves

Reserve lists, including E-Reserve items, will be available through the GIL library catalog. From the instructor's Reserve list in GIL, all electronic material can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Patrons should click on the item title and then look for the "Full Text Online" link. Clicking on this link launches Adobe Acrobat Reader. When prompted, entering the instructor-assigned password opens the document. When you have located the document you need and clicked on the "full text online" link, you will be asked for a password. The password is assigned by the instructor.

Tips for viewing

E-Reserves documents are PDF files created through Adobe Acrobat Exchange. In order to view and print these files, you need a recent version of Acrobat Reader. You can also adjust how you view the document onscreen by using the zoom function to enlarge the image or the view function to change the way the page fits onto the screen. This is a free download plug-in. You can download the reader from the following site:

You may read E-Reserves documents online, but be aware that your GIL session will time out after 10 minutes. We suggest that, if you want to read the document on your computer and it is longer than a few pages, you save the document to a disk or save it locally.

Tips for Printing

To optimize your ability to print E-Reserves you should have a recent version of Acrobat Reader (see above). Because PDF files can be large, you may wish to save the document to a disk or locally before you print. If you have trouble printing, you may also try printing just a few pages at a time.

Problems with accessing E-Reserves items

Large PDF files may take some time to download if you have a modem connection. If you have trouble accessing, downloading, or printing E-Reserves items, please e-mail with a description of the problem so that we can work on possible solutions. Remember, if you have trouble accessing E-reserves from home you can quickly and easily access these documents from most of the public terminals at the Libraries.

To search for a Reserve item go to:

For Instructors: Guidelines for Placing Materials on Reserve

Submitting a Request

Faculty and graduate instructors have the opportunity each semester to place materials on Reserve. Faculty are notified through email which includes instructions, links to appropriate forms, and the deadlines for submission. Requests received after the deadline are processed as quickly as possible in the order received. Reserve request forms are also available at the Reserve Desk or may be submitted electronically using the online form:

Please click here for a printer friendly form.

Please provide all information requested on the Reserve request form; complete title, author and/or call numbers for books. Personal copies of books or photocopied material will have special call numbers assigned when they are processed.

Submitting items for electronic reserves

The Reserve staff will automatically scan class notes, articles, single chapters from books, and other acceptable material submitted for Reserves. Not all material is suitable for E-Reserves. Poor quality photocopies or light, handwritten material cannot be scanned. Entire books and large course packets, such as Bel-Jean packets, cannot be scanned due to copyright restrictions. Documents submitted in an electronic form (MS Word, PDF, or a web site) will receive a higher priority in processing. Please submit these items on a disk or provide the URL.

Copyright Information

The UGA Libraries make every attempt to respect the boundaries of the Fair Use Clause of Copyright Law. At the request of the instructor, we are able to scan ONE article from an issue of a journal, THREE articles from a bound volume of a journal, or ONE chapter from a book, provided that the material does not comprise a significant proportion of the work. Please note that the UGA Libraries do not take responsibility for copyright clearance or permissions for material placed on Course Reserve.

Usage Statistics

At the request of the instructor, the Libraries can provide statistics for the number of checkouts for items on Reserve for the current semester (once the semester is over, this information may not be available). Please contact the Reserve department of the Main or Science library for this information.

Linking to course web pages

We also have the capability to establish a link between a Reserve list and an established class web page. If you have a web page and would like to do this for your course, please sign for authorization on the request form and provide the class web page address. The Libraries are also exploring how electronic reserves can be linked to Web-CT, Blackboard, and other instructional software.

Processing time for Reserve Requests - How long does it take?

Instructors who submit Reserve requests shortly before the semester begins or during the first two weeks of classes should expect a significant delay before the materials will be available for use. A one to two week delay during this time is normal, as a large number of instructors submit lists at the same time. This delay is the same regardless of the size of the list or if it is a new list or an addition to an existing list. Priority will only be given for items that are submitted in an electronic format. The Reserve department accepts requests throughout the semester, and processing time may vary greatly. Please inquire if you are concerned about your list's availability. You will be notified when your list has been processed and the items are available. Please do not assign Reserve readings prior to notification. This is very important, as it causes frustration for instructors and students when assignments are made before we have been able to process your requests.

More questions? Just ask or check out the Reserves FAQ page!

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