Where is that book??!!!

Since our book stacks are open to all, there may be times when something shown as available on GIL is not where it should be in the stacks. How does this happen? The item may have been recently returned and not yet been reshelved, or it may be currently being used in the library by a patron. It may be charged out, at the bindery, or have another status. Whatever the case, a book which is absent from the shelves is no cause for panic, and can often be located easily. We recommend taking the following steps when this happens:

First, be sure you are reading the call number correctly - they can be tricky to interpret. Check the sorting shelves near the elevator on the floor where the item should be shelved. Here you will find items that have recently been used, but have not yet been reshelved. Please feel free to ask any shelver or other Library employee if you would like help. If they cannot locate the book with the information you have, they will direct you to the Circulation Desk.

The Circulation Desk staff will check to see if the item is checked out, on hold for another patron, or is temporarily in another location, such as the repository. If the item is in use or is being held for someone, we will place a recall on it and you will be notified when the item is returned.

If these options STILL don't help determine the location of the needed book, we will place a SEARCH on the book. At this point you should be directed by a staff member to try a GIL Express request for this item. A skilled staff searcher will search at least four times for the item in multiple locations and will notify you when the item is found. A full search may take up to two weeks. If the item is not found during the search process, you will be notified and eligible patrons will be directed to Interlibrary Loan to obtain a copy from another library.