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Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting Unit is responsible for administering the travel budget; monitoring and reconciling the student budget; monitoring and reconciling the Libraries' general, restricted and Foundation accounts; coordinating accounts expenditures and reimbursements; the Accounts Receivable and Payable functions for the Libraries and Copy Services.

Staff Directory:

Becky Wortham
Head, Finance and Accounting
(706) 542-0605
Kay Altschul
Finance and Accounting Assistant
(706) 542-1228
Peggy Ayers
Copy Services Assistant
(706) 542-7461
Elaine Brady
Associate Accountant
(706) 542-4260
Philip Burroughs
Accounts Receivable Assistant
(706) 542-7651
Jay Ergle
Copy Services Supervisor
(706) 542-0609
Sarah Skipper
Foundation and Travel Associate Accountant
(706) 542-0622

Copy Services:

Copy Services is available to assist Libraries' personnel with in-house copying and binding needs. Please contact Libraries Copy Services at copyserv@uga.edu or 542-7461.

General and Foundation Accounts:

The Libraries Finance and Accountng Unit prepares annual budget documents, prepares employee personnel documents and budget amendments; analyzes and reconciles account expenditures and balances; pays expenses for various Libraries’ departments; and monitors and reviews Libraries' Foundation accounts and expenditures. Please contact Elaine Brady or Sarah Skipper with questions regarding Libraries accounts.

Travel and Training:

Travel and training expenditures related to faculty and staff training and development is a joint responsibility between the staff/faculty member and the Libraries. Individual staff/faculty are expected to take some financial responsibility for their own growth in knowledge and skill and also to take the initiative in identifying courses, workshops, conferences, and other educational, professional, or skills-oriented opportunities. Faculty/staff professional development is supported by the University Libraries through funding and/or release time from employment responsibilities. Please contact Sarah Skipper or refer to the Libraries travel and funding webpage for additional information/instruction.

UGA Business Card Orders

Please contact Kay Altschul with questions regarding acquiring business cards or with the completion of the UGA Business Card Order Form.