Emergency Notification

Please register online for the UGA Alert - Emergency Notification System by visiting the following web page:


Please note the following emergency situations and methods of notification:

  • Power Failure – PA system (if available), phone tree
  • Bomb Threat – in person notification
  • Building Lockdown - Grapevine, phone tree
  • Tornado Warning – PA system, emails, verbal notification, signing upon entering building
  • Tornado Watch - emails, signage upon entering building

Please use the UGA Libraries Departmental Phone Tree List for notification during normal business hours

After-Hours/Weekend Phone Notification

Security will notify public service departments that are open and also notify anyone that has signed in on Security's After-Hours or weekend sign-in sheet located at the Security Desk.

Security will contact the following departments to inform them of weather or other emergency situations:

  • Media Dept. (2-7360)
  • Science Library Circulation (2-4535)
  • MAGIL (2-0662)
  • Other signed-in personnel
  Tornado Warning Information
  When a tornado warning is issued Security will make an announcement over the public address (PA) system to inform patrons of the situation. Security will begin verbally informing staff and patrons starting on the 7th floor, and proceeding downstairs, of where to go for safety.
  The safest place located in the Main Library for a tornado is the public stairwell, the sub-basement, hallways or a bathroom if the other options are not viable. All patrons and staff should make their way into the stairwell and close the stairwell doors to ensure maximum safety. It is imperative to get away from any windows. The first floor is one of the more dangerous places to be in the event of a tornado.
  Security will issue a notification when the threat has passed using the PA system.