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Articles & Databases

Use a Database to Search for Articles on a Topic

Use a database within GALILEO@UGA to identify articles published on your topic:

  • First, choose a database to search. Some are multi-disciplinary, and some are for specific subject areas.
  • Use the drop-down menus to select a popular database, or to get a list of databases for your subject.
  • If you are accessing GALILEO@UGA from off campus, you will need the GALILEO password.

Note: You might want to try our new Multi-Search, which searches over ninety GALILEO databases plus the GIL Library Catalog, all at once!

Already Have the Article Information (Citation)?

A citation is the information about an article, such as the article title, which journal it was published in, and when, that enables you to get hold of the article itself.  [See: Deciphering a Citation]

  • If you already have the citation for the article, you can go directly to the Journal Locator (available from the Journals tab on our home page) to see if we have it online.
  • Type in the information you have from the citation, and click the button.

Getting the Full Text Online

If the database you are searching does not contain full text, look for the button. Clicking on the button will take you to the full text online, if we have it. It will also give you the option of searching the library catalog, GIL, for a paper copy.

Getting the Full Text in Paper

Search for a print copy of the journal in GIL, the library catalog. Go to 'Exact Search' and select 'Journal Title'. After you get the call number and floor location from GIL, use the volume and page numbers to find the specific article.