Hospitals & Clinics
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Athens Regional Medical Center
A health care facility serving 17 counties in the northeast Georgia area, offering an array of specialized medical, surgical & diagnostic procedures.

St. Mary's Health Care System
A private, non-profit, acute care network serving a multi-county area of northeast Georgia. In addition to hospital and long term care facilities, St. Mary's provides home health care and hospice services, community wellness programs, and more.

Athens Nurses Clinic
A non-profit, nurse-run organization providing free health care to the homeless, indigent, and lower income in Athens-Clarke County.

Athens Neighborhood Health Center
A public clinic that provides accessible and affordable primary health care to medically underserved and at-risk individuals in Athens-Clarke County and surrounding areas.

Clarke County Health Department
Provides a comprehensive range of health services to the citizens of Athens-Clarke County in the areas of women's health, children's health, communicable disease control, chronic disease services, dental health, nutrition services, health education, and more. A service of the Northeast Health District and Georgia Public Health.

Mercy Health Center
A volunteer-based non-profit Christian health center providing care for the uninsured in and around Athens with services including medical, pharmacy, and dental care.

University Health Center
The University Health Center at the University of Georgia exists to advance the health of students and other members of the University community by providing primary health care, prevention focused services, and learning experiences which develop health knowledge and skills.

Odyssey HealthCare of Athens
Offers services to improve the quality of life for patients facing terminal diagnoses while providing support for their loved ones. Caregivers serve patients in their own homes, nursing homes, long-term care or assisted living facilities, and hospitals.

Veterans Health Administration Clinic
An outpatient clinic providing health care services to veterans including primary care, mental health services, and preventive health programs.