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The Authorities Section, consisting of two librarians, is responsible for coordinating and providing authority control maintenance activities related to name, series, subject, and uniform title access in bibliographic records. Members of the Section not only act as resources in the area of authority control, but also aid in the development of pre- and post-cataloging authority control policies and procedures and contribute to training programs in all aspects of authority control. In conjunction with the Monographs Original Cataloging Section, the Authorities Section also aids in the coordination of NACO activities for the Cataloging Department.

Database Maintenance
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The Database Maintenance Section consists of two units: the Maintenance Unit and the Marking Unit. The function of Database Maintenance is to maintain the quality of bibliographic and holding records in GIL, the UGA Libraries' online catalog, to process added copies, added locations, added volumes, location transfers, withdrawals, possible duplicates, and to prepare materials for transfer to the Repository. For more information, to report an error, or to find out about current projects, please visit the Database Maintenance Web page .

Monographs Cataloging
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The Monographs Cataloging Section is responsible for copy and original cataloging of print monographic materials and mixed media. Copy cataloging consists of using available Library of Congress copy or member library copy (with classification and subject analysis as appropriate) in OCLC in all subjects and languages. Original cataloging includes classification of the Libraries' print and electronic monographic materials and mixed media in all languages and subjects, including the input of new records into OCLC and editing of records lacking Library of Congress classification numbers and/or subject headings. Monographs Original Cataloging participates in NACO and the OCLC Enhance program for books.

Music Cataloging
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The Music Cataloging Section is responsible for both original and copy cataloging and classification of music scores, music sound recordings, and music videorecordings in all languages, including input of new records into OCLC and editing of existing records on OCLC or in GIL. The section also performs most physical processing of music materials. The Section Head participates in the OCLC Enhance program for sound recordings and the NACO Music project (the national project for contributing records for music-related headings to the Library of Congress name authority file).

Serials Cataloging
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The Serials Cataloging Section catalogs all serials acquired by the Libraries in all subjects and languages, and recatalogs them whenever they undergo significant title (i.e., change, cease, merge or split) or publication (cease, etc.) changes. In addition, the section is responsible for recording holdings information.