I. If the "Ask a Librarian" chat box does not load properly on the page, try these possible solutions:

  1. Reload page
    1. Sometimes the widget doesn’t load properly, especially if you try to type in it before everything has completely loaded.
    2. Reload the page, and wait a few seconds for the Librarian status to come on before trying to type.
  2. Still can’t see the Ask a Librarian chat box??  If you have an account with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, or Gmail/Google Talk, you can chat with us through that using our username ugalibsref.
  3. Email us your question, or contact Main Library Reference:  706-542-8460.

II. If you ask a question and don't get a response:

  1. If it is during business hours, the Librarian is probably away helping another patron. Either: