Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library

The Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library consists of not only rare book and manuscripts but also the Georgiana Collection, the University of Georgia Archives, and Records Management. The Library serves the University scholarly community, as well as researchers worldwide. Subject interests include Georgia, Book Arts, Theater, Music, History, Literature, Journalism and Genealogy. The Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library houses the largest and oldest Special Collections in the University of Georgia System of Colleges and Universities. It includes books from as long ago as 1480 and a collection of Babylonian clay tablets, circa 546 B.C.E. The Hargrett Library also houses Confederate and Union books, manuscripts, music, diaries and related materials. The broad scope of materials housed in the Hargrett Library is astounding and growing at an exponential rate. Several collections of particular note rank among the top in the country: maps are 8th, manuscript holdings are 11th, and Book Arts are 5th.


Giving Level


Main Exhibit Gallery $200,000 Available
Featuring attractively designed display cases, this beautiful gallery will be used to highlight materials from the Hargrett Collection and to expand upon the exhibits in the Signature Gallery which highlight Hargrett’s six core collection focuses: Colonia Georgia, Native Americans in Georgia, the Civil War, Natural History, Performing Arts, and Book Arts. Artifacts, documents, and images will change regularly to maintain appropriate preservation standards and to keep the exhibit fresh, dynamic, and interesting to visitors.
Gallery $100,000 Available
The materials on display in this gallery will rotate periodically to maintain appropriate preservation standards and to keep the exhibit fresh, dynamic, and interesting to visitors. This gallery will also be used to highlight select collections in coordination with key library events such as the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame, the Mingledorff-Lorimer Lecture in Print Media, and others.

Marquee Gallery $100,000 Available
This gallery will allow for eye-catching displays, showcasing powerful images and works from the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library. The position of this gallery at the entrance to the Hargrett Library provides an opportunity to draw visitors from the large, highly traveled common area. The temporary nature of this space provides ample opportunity to remain responsive to issues and interests of the visiting public and also enables the Library to collaborate and coordinate with the other UGA Libraries special collections.

"The amazing thing to me is the variety. We're dealing with many centuries, but a collection like ours shows a sense of community, of preservation and of the various heritages we present. There's something within the human spirit and soul that makes people want to save their history."
-- Mary Ellen Brooks, Curator of Rare Books and Director Emeritus, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library