Shared Space Naming Opportunities


Giving Level


The Central Gallery $1,000,000 Available
The Central Gallery is a premiere location, situated just inside the Sidney Samuel Thomas Rotunda. Featuring Marquee Galleries from each of the three Special Collections Libraries, the Central Gallery will highlight materials from our most exciting and newest collections. The Central Gallery will be the point of entry to all of the Special Collections Libraries gallery spaces, but will remain open even when the Libraries are closed. This location will serve as the setting for small receptions and welcoming visitors to the University of Georgia campus and the Libraries.
The Great Hall $1,000,000 Available
The Great Hall in the Special Collections Libraries Building is designed to be a multi-use event space. This room will provide heretofore unknown opportunities for the Library to engage the University and the community at large with our vital collections. Designed to meet multiple needs, the room will accommodate large or small groups. This wonderful space will not only be used for Libraries events, but will also be available for use by all departments on campus. Located in the most beautiful building on campus, and tastefully appointed with lots of natural light coming from the large windows, the Great Hall will become one of the most sought after venues for campus-related receptions and events.
Auditorium $1,000,000 Available
The Auditorium is located on the Gallery Level of the Special Collections Libraries Building. This state-of-the-art auditorium comfortably seats 206 and provides an ideal space for viewing materials from the Media Archives collection. The venue is ideally suited for larger classes, periodic special showings, and other on-campus, media-related events.
Preservation Laboratory $250,000 Available
With the responsibility of collecting materials comes the challenge of preparing them for use in the collection. At the present time, the Library at the University of Georgia has no preservation lab. Materials acquired that are in need of special care must be sent to an off-site facility, adding time and no small expense to the processing of a collection. The new Special Collections Libraries Building will contain a state-of-the-art conservation lab that will allow our conservators to provide all types of treatment for materials, including chemical stabilization, physical treatment, and restoration. Other treatments undertaken in this lab include cleaning, removal of tape and other components harmful to the condition of the document, repair, and making protective enclosures. This on-site lab will allow our trained staff to provide on-going conservation care to these important materials.
Research Reception $250,000 Available
Warm and welcoming, the Research Reception area is the entrance to the Research wing of the Special Collections Libraries Building. In addition to research assistance, Library staff will provide introductory sessions for the libraries three special collections.
Portrait Gallery $250,000 Available
The University of Georgia Libraries has quite an impressive collection of portraits. The Portrait Gallery will be located at the entrance to the Research Wing for the special collections libraries. In addition to providing a glimpse of some of the key figures who helped create our collections, the Portrait Gallery will serve as the setting for small receptions and welcoming visitors to the University of Georgia campus and the Libraries.
Reading Room $500,000 Available

The Reading Room will be located in the Research Suite and will serve as the nexus for research activity at the Russell Library. The Reading Room is where scholars and students from around the world and right here in Georgia will come to mine some of the richest collections of archival and manuscript material related to modern political history, policy, and culture in the Southeast. The Reading Room will provide patrons with a welcoming ambience for quiet, reflective study and state-of-the-art equipment for efficient research. The room will include relevant, supporting reference materials that will provide researchers with convenient and useful information to assist their work. First-rate security and environmental controls will ensure that all materials are maintained with the same high standards of care and protection under which they are housed in their archival storage areas.

Conference Room $100,000 Available
The Conference Room will provide an elegant and gracious backdrop for meetings of the Russell Library staff and related groups from on and off campus. The room will be appointed with state-of-the-art conferencing and audiovisual equipment.