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Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning at the UGA Libraries

Main and Science Libraries

Please see staff at the Reference Desk for assistance with printing, photocopying, or scanning.

The printers and copiers in the Libraries no longer accept cash. To print from computers or to make copies, you must use a UGA ID card, which has been activated for Bulldog Bucks, or you must purchase a guest copy card.

UGA ID Cards: You can only add money to your UGA ID card online at http://bulldogbucks.uga.edu/. The Bulldog Bucks VTS machines will no longer allow you to add cash to a UGA ID card.

Guest Cards: Visitors can purchase a copy card at the Bulldog Bucks VTS machines located in the Reference Rooms of the Main and Science libraries. You can also add cash to a guest card using the same machine. Please note: These machines accept only paper money. You cannot add money to your card using change anywhere in the libraries. Access Services (the circulation desk) can convert your change to paper money. They also may be able to break larger bills into smaller denominations, if desired.

If you don't have a UGA ID card or you forgot to bring it, you can buy a guest copy card at the libraries. The card costs $1.00; there is a one-time 60¢ fee when purchasing card, leaving 40¢ on the card for printing. Subsequent deposits to the card are the full value of the bill(s) inserted. The card is yours to keep and you can put more money on it at the Bulldog Bucks VTS machines. Copy cards also work on the photocopiers and for printing from microfilm or microfiche in the basement.

Printing from our computers

Each computer in the library is connected to a network of printers. When you click on the 'print' button, you will be prompted to send your job to a print queue.

  • To print in black and white:
    • Main Library: MainRefPrintQ OR WEPA-BW
    • Science Library: SciRefPrintQ OR WEPA-BW
  • To print in color:
    • Main Library: ColorMainPrintQ OR WEPA-COLOR
    • Science Library: ColorSciPrintQ OR WEPA-COLOR

These queues are accessible from networked printers on the same floor. Please use the maps of the first floor at Main or the second floor at Science to locate printers.

If using WEPA, you will need to log in to WEPA on the computer after you've sent the item to print.

Each print station has a black 'swipe box' that accepts a UGA ID card or a copy card.
Printing costs a page, black and white, and 50¢ for color.

Printing from your own laptop, flash drive, or the cloud

Both Main and Science support the WEPA print kiosk system. WEPA kiosks will accept payment from Bulldog Bucks, VTS cards, and debit/credit cards.

Connecting a laptop to WEPA:
You can install WEPA as a printer on your personal laptop: Instructions for PC; Instructions for Mac

Connecting via mobile app:
WEPA provides apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Using a flash drive (or other USB storage device) with a WEPA kiosk:
Insert the device, look on the kiosk screen for the document to be printed.

Using the WEPA Cloud:
Any device with an internet connection can upload a document into your WEPA cloud account. (Instructions on setting up an account.) After uploading a document, you can access that same cloud account on the WEPA kiosk and choose your document(s) to print.


There are black and white photocopiers on almost every floor of the UGA libraries. Copies are 9¢ cents. All machines accept ID cards or copy cards; no machines accept cash. These copiers have multi-sheet document feeders.

Color copying may be done in the Map & Government Information Library in the sub-basement of the Main Library. The cost is 50¢ per page. Please check their hours, as they differ from the rest of the Main Library building hours.

MAGIL can also handle large format (anything larger than 8.5" x 11") color or black and white printing; please contact them for more information, including price.

The libraries have several microfilm and microfiche copiers. The cost of photocopying from microfilm/microfiche is per page with a UGA ID card or copy card. The microfilm/microfiche copiers do not accept cash.


The Main and Science libraries both have document scanning availability. Scanning may be done on regular workstations with an attached flatbed scanner, on the standalone Scannx machines, or on the photocopiers. Scannx requires no login and can send the scanned document to your email, phone, USB drive, Google Drive, or to one of our networked printers.

Microfilm/microfiche can be scanned to pdf documents from certain readers/printers in the basement.

Scanning is free.

Printing/copying/scanning in other Libraries buildings/collections: