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About the collection

Documents published by the State of Georgia from 1876 to date are located in the Georgia Documents collection in the Map and Government Information Library. The Georgia Documents collection encompasses audit reports, budget documents, legislative documents, monographs, newsletters, periodicals and serials from agencies including agriculture, arts, community affairs, courts, education, human resources, industry and trade, labor, legislature, natural resources and recreation. Please see the Complete List of State Agencies and Organizations for further information.

Materials published by individual units of the University System of Georgia are not considered state documents in this collection. However, the Board of Regents is a state agency, and as such its publications are part of the Georgia Documents Collection.

The Georgia documents are classified in a special system that is similar to the U.S. Superintendent of Documents (Sudoc) Classification System. For a complete listing, please see the Official Publications of the State of Georgia List of Classes, or the Index to the List of Classes:

Information for State Agencies


In addition to publications from 2001 to the present, many older serials are entered in GIL, the University of Georgia Libraries' online catalog. The Georgia Government Publications Database on GALILEO provides a comprehensive digital repository of state publications 1994 to the present, including selected pre-1994 serials.

Publications from 1876-1994 can be identified through the Georgia State Documents Card Catalog located in the Map and Government Information Library; please contact a staff member for assistance. Any publications prior to 1876 are in the Hargrett Library's Georgiana Collection, which is located in the Special Collections Libraries Building, and are accessible through GIL.

For more information about the collection, please contact Susan Tuggle, Coordinator of Georgia Government Publications.

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