Direct URLs for Databases and E-Journals

Adding a proxy string to the URL of electronic resources to which the library subscribes, allows you to access them using our proxy server, without having to go through the UGA Libraries' web site each time.

This means you can bookmark databases or e-journals and get straight into them without a password if you are on the campus wireless network. If you are off campus, you will need to enter the GALILEO password to connect.

Finding the URL

First, you need to get the URL of the database or e-journal within our system:

E-Journal Example: The journal Veterinary Microbiology

Search for the journal title under the E-Journals tab on the Libraries home page, or in the Electronic Journal Locator. Once you are in the database that contains the journal, and you are on the information page for that journal, copy the URL from the address bar in your browser:


Database Example: The databaseJSTOR

Search for the database name in GALILEO@UGA. Click on the 'more' button next to the database name. The full information about the database will display, including the URL:

e.g. for JSTOR

Generating the Proxy URL

Second, generate the proxy URL. There are 2 ways to do this:

Option 1

Add this proxy string to the beginning of an ejournal or electronic resource URL:




Option 2

The other option is to generate this string by typing or pasting the URL into this box:


Databases and electronic journals and other e-resources are for the use of current UGA faculty, staff and students only. The use of these resources is governed by copyright law and by the license agreements between UGA Libraries and the publisher. The systematic downloading of data is expressly prohibited.


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