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Google Book Search

Google Book Search enables users to search the full-text of millions of books. The books in Google Book Search come primarily from two sources: publishers and libraries. The Google Books Library Project includes such notable institutions as Harvard, Oxford, the New York Public Library, the University of California, the University of Michigan, and Stanford.

Getting the most out of Google Book Search

Why use it?

Google Book Search, unlike our local catalog, GIL, or the larger WorldCat, searches the full-text of the books in its inventory. GIL and WorldCat are limited to searching only title, author, subject heading and other specific and limited information about a book.

Are all the books in Google Book Search available online?

No. Some are, but most aren't. There are varying levels of access to the full-text of each book: Full, Limited, Snippet, and No Preview. For more about each level, read the About Google Book Search page.

If the book's not available online, what then?

Many of the books represented in Google Book Search are available at the University of Georgia. Here are the steps for one way to find out if we own the book:

  1. Use the "Find this book in a library" link, listed in the options on the right hand side of the page. (The link is beneath all the links for places to buy the book.)
  2. Clicking the "Find this book in a library" link will take you to the World Cat Find in a Library site.
  3. Enter your zip code and you'll get a list of nearby libraries owning the book.
  4. If UGA is listed, clicking on the University of Georgia link will take you to the record in GIL, displaying its location and availability.

If the item is not owned by UGA, or our copy is unavailable, you can then search the GIL Universal Catalog and order the book via GIL Express. If the book is not available that way, you can order it via InterLibrary Loan.

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