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Department Heads Group

The role of the Department Heads Group (DHG) is to provide leadership for the Libraries by deliberating on issues brought to the group, making recommendations for action and managing implementation. In all deliberations, the group seeks a common understanding of needs so that organizational direction becomes apparent.

The DHG has adopted the following groundrules:

  1. Active participation by all members of the group
  2. Willingness to bring all issues to the group
  3. Appreciate all issues and ideas as important
  4. Share all relevant information
  5. Test assumptions and inferences; be willing to be challenged and influenced
  6. Deliver and respond to statements, questions and actions with respect and consideration
  7. Discuss undiscussable issues
  8. Explain the reasoning and intent behind statements, questions and actions; use specific examples; agree on what important words mean
  9. Focus on interests, not positions
  10. Keep discussion focused
  11. Patience with the process and with one another
  12. Support and accept responsibility for the work of the group
  13. Willingness to have fun, find renewal and satisfaction
The DHG has adopted the following meeting protocols:
  1. Who comprises the group?
    1. The group is comprised of Department Heads reporting directly to Toby Graham and others selected for their leadership roles.
    2. In an attempt to build cohesion, no substitutes will be invited to meetings.
    3. An acting Department Head appointed due to a vacancy is a member of DHG.
  2. How often will the group meet, where and how will the meeting be run?
    1. Department Heads Group (DHG) meets every other Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m., unless otherwise instructed via email.
    2. The meetings will be led by the University Librarian and Associate Provost.
    3. Mollie Armour will schedule and prepare the Administrative Offices conference room for the meetings.
  3. How will agenda items be set?
    1. At the end of each meeting the group presents agenda items for upcoming meeting; setting a draft agenda for the next meeting.
    2. All topics of interest to the group are appropriate for the agenda; do not presume that something is "not" of interest to the group.
    3. If an issue comes up between meetings that needs to be addressed, contact the Facilitator for inclusion on the agenda.
    4. Final agendas are posted on GRAPEVINE by noon on the Monday prior to the Wednesday meeting.
    5. Agenda items will be identified as to topic and presented as objectives with brief background information as needed.
    6. DHG determines timelines for the distribution of pertinent documentation for future agenda items at the time the item is proposed for the agenda.
    7. DHG may identify work groups as needed to address agenda items.
    8. The Facilitator will maintain a master list of the status of agenda items.
  4. How are minutes taken, reviewed and distributed?
    1. Mollie Armour will take minutes to be distributed as soon as possible on GRAPEVINE - not later than when the final agenda is distributed for the next meeting (noon Monday prior to the meeting).
    2. Minutes will reflect the general context of an issue, action items and the any flipchart notes recorded during the meeting.
    3. Mollie Armour will seek review by appropriate members as needed.
    4. Minutes will be accepted at the next meeting.
  5. How do we review/evaluate DHG progress?
    1. Progress of the group will be reviewed annually, or as needed.

Meeting schedule: Every other Wednesday morning 10 - 11 a.m.

SOURCE: Department Heads Group, February, 2000; updated September 2004; October 2008; February 2009