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Forms - Reimbursement for Meals with Candidates

Persons accompanying interviewing candidates to lunch or dinner will receive reimbursement. The lunch or dinner host should pay the bill for all participants (including the candidate).

To receive reimbursement, please complete a Reimbursement Form , attach the original receipt for the meal to the form, and submit both to Margaret Hale. You will be notified when your reimbursement check is processed and ready to be picked up.

Suggested number of persons including the candidate Suggested $ amount of meal per person
Lunch 4 $15.00
Dinner 3 $25.00

The number of persons having the meals and the amount of meal per person is listed as a benchmark.  There may be times when more people accompany the candidate to a meal and when the amount of meal per person exceeds the above.  Just attempt to lean toward moderate rather than extravagant.