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Mission and History - Strategic Planning Priorities (1999)

Consistently ranked in the top 30 of the 110 members of the Association of Research Libraries, the University Libraries are one of the University's greatest strengths and a point of pride.  Surveys of students and faculty reveal that the Libraries are held in high regard and provide outstanding support for instruction, research, and service.

1.  Electronic Teaching Library

Opportunity:  The Electronic Teaching Library component of the Miller Learning Center will allow us to improve library services and to build stronger partnerships with faculty and other campus units, especially UCNS and OISD. 

Need:  Staff and equipment not covered by the construction budget. 


One-time costs: $1,500,000 to fully equip the facility with computer workstations and associated devices for opening day, August 2002.

On-going costs:  12 FTE new staff positions ($340,000 plus fringe benefits).
Maintain and replace the computer workstations and associated devices ($500,000). 

Development:  The Libraries have identified $6M in naming opportunities in the Electronic Teaching Library that could be used to support programs for that facility. 

2.  Special Collections Building

Opportunity:  The Special Collections of the University Libraries are a major strength for the University.  In the figures reported to the Association of Research Libraries, the University Libraries rank 6th out of the 110 members in archive holdings. 

Need:  Adequate space to house and preserve these expanding collections.  The proposed special collections building, now second on the campus list of capital priorities, meets this need. 

Cost:  The new building will cost $30M, with one-third coming from private sources and the remainder funded through the Regents. As of fall 1999, the Libraries have raised $8.5M of its $10M goal.  The President should present the building to the Regents in June 2001. 

Development:  The Libraries are seeking an additional $10M in private funding for an endowment to support the collections, related programs, and staffing. 

3.  The New Collection

Opportunity:  The growth of electronic publications offers new ways to support research and instruction.  The Libraries will seek to identify and maintain the appropriate balance of print and electronic publications. 

Need:  The cost of scholarly publications, both print and electronic, continues to increase each year at an alarming rate. 

Cost:  An annual increase of five percent, about $400,000 with the current budget, should allow us to keep pace. 

4.  Digital Library

Opportunity:  The technology to create a digital library of text, images, sound, and video is becoming increasingly powerful.  Several projects are already underway. 

Need:  Funding for staff and equipment. 

Cost:  The Regents have requested funding for digital library efforts in their FY2001 budget. This funding would be managed by the Regents office, but a significant portion would cover the expansion of efforts in the University Libraries and make us a leader in this area. 

Development:   State funding will be used as matching funds to leverage grants from federal and private sources whenever possible. 

5.  New Media Department and Digital Media Lab

Opportunity:  With over 80,000 radio and television programs, the Media Archive and Peabody Awards Collection is the third largest such collection in the country. 

Need:  A facility where students and faculty can find sophisticated workstations to view and use the collection for research and instruction.   A new Media Department and Digital Media Lab should be included in the building that will be constructed to face the Student Learning Center.  The President has stated that he supports including this facility in this building. 

Cost:  The space required is about 20,000 square feet and would cost about $4M. 

6.  Fine Arts Library

Opportunity:  When the School of Art occupies its new facility, most of the faculty and students who use the art and music collections will be grouped together on the east campus. 

Need: A Fine Arts Library located on the east campus.  The School of Art, the School of Music, and the Libraries have proposed that the existing Music Library in the Music Building be expanded to house such a library. 

Cost: $7M to expand the Music Library.

Development: It is anticipated that $2M could be raised privately. 

SOURCE: William Gray Potter, October 21, 1999.