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Records Management

Special Note: Any department sending destruction or storage materials to the Records Center must receive a control number for each set of records before delivery. [See more details...]


The mission of the University of Georgia Records Management Program is to promote sound and legal handling of records generated at the University. To pursue that mission, we provide advice and training to UGA personnel, bulk storage for appropriate documents, retrieval of stored documents and safe destruction of confidential materials that have met their retention requirement.

Records at the University of Georgia must be kept according to the legal and procedural standards found in the Georgia Board of Regents Records Retention Guidelines. For help in interpreting the retention guidelines, please see our retention schedule introduction page or contact us directly.

Departments can contact us directly to request access to their own records. When access is needed to records created by another department, they should be requested through the creating department or through the University of Georgia Division of Marketing & Communications.

Student transcripts are handled through the Registrar's office.


Phone (706) 369-5926 | FAX (706) 227-5335