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Jan 21
Sketch of a woman wearing a Frankie Welch designed outfit and scarf

Frankie Welch (1924-2021) was an American designer and entrepreneur best known for producing thousands of custom scarves. Born in Rome, Georgia, she spent most of her career in Alexandria, Virginia, where she established a dress shop—Frankie Welch of Virginia—that was open from 1963 to 1990. She introduced her first scarf design, the Cherokee Alphabet, in 1967, quickly followed by her Discover America scarf for the White House and prominent political designs for the 1968 presidential election.

Richard B. Russell Special Collections Libraries, Hargrett Gallery
Apr 05

The Russell Library is hosting a panel featuring Drs. James C. Giesen, Associate Professor of History and Grisham Master Teacher, Mississippi State University, and Derek Alderman, Professor of Geography, University of Tennessee.

Richard B. Russell Special Collections Libraries, Auditorium