Anyone may use Media Desk facilities and materials. Our primary patron base, however, are the faculty, staff and students of the University of Georgia. As such, they have first priority for use. During peak hours, non-UGA patrons may be asked to yield their viewing or listening stations for use by UGA faculty, staff or students. 

University of Georgia faculty, staff, and students must present a valid University of Georgia identification card to use Media Desk materials. Members of the general public must present a valid picture identification to use the materials. Examples of valid identification include: a driver's license, passport. An employer-issued picture ID is not sufficient. Anyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Food and drinks are allowed in the Media Desk area.

Any patron causing a disruption or in any way disturbing another patron (including sleeping at the viewing and listening stations) will be asked to leave. Libraries Security will be called if necessary.