Located in the Boyd Graduate Studies Building, the Science Library houses materials related to the natural, physical, and life sciences, as well as medical and technical subjects. It is also home to the Makerspace, the South Campus Writing Center, and GradsWrite: Graduate Writing Center.

COVID-19 updates

masks required at Science Library

Per USG policy, masks are required inside the Science Library. Free masks available at the Security Desk. If you are exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 such as cough, shortness of breath, fever, headache, or those as outlined by CDC, the university asks that you do not enter the Science Library and contact your healthcare provider. UGA encourages you to utilize DawgCheck everyday to check for symptoms. GradsWrite & Writing Center are virtual and by appointments only - no in-person appointments.

arduino and raspberry pi available for checkout

Air Quality in the Makerspace

To ensure the safety of employees and users, UGA Facilities Management Division performed indoor air quality (IAQ) tests of the Makerspace. These tests were performed at the request of Makerspace staff in January 2020. During the IAQ test, a “worst case scenario” was created, and three 3D printers and the laser cutter were run continuously with the door closed for four hours. Tests for ammonia (NIOSH Method 6016) and hydrogen cyanide (NIOSH Method 6010), both known to be potential contaminants of concern with 3D printer filament, were conducted. Results for hydrogen cyanide were non-detect (ND) with a reporting limit of 0.016 mg/m3, ammonia results were <0.49 ppm; results reported by UGA’s Facilities Management Department to be within occupational exposure levels. Additionally, real-time sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dust took place during the IAQ test and it was reported that both types of monitoring showed nothing of concern.

air quality in makerspace

High-Performance Computers at SciLi

Eight high-performance computers are available for use on the second floor of the Science Library. These computers are loaded with: Autocad Architecture; Autocad Civil 3D; Autocad LT; Inventor; Maya; Revit; Fusion 360; ArcGIS; QGIS; Anaconda; Blender; Ghostview; Gimp; GitHub; GSView; Inkscape; Java; JMP; Microsoft Visual Studios; La TeX; Matlab/Simulink; MeshMixer; MultiSim; Netbeans; R; Unity Game Engine, and Weka.