The on-campus delivery system allows Facullty, Staff, and Students to request books from any on-campus library to be delivered to the library of their choice.

To begin, go to  You will see the following page below.  Click on the "Sign In" link in the upper right hand corner.

Primo Home Page























You will see this page, please click on the link that says "UGA Students, Faculty, &Staff"

Choose between Students, Faculty, and Staff and Community Borrowers























You will then be taken to the Central Authentication Service (CAS).  Please login with your MyID and password.

CAS Sign in Page























You will then be taken back to the search page.  You will see your name displayed in the upper right hand corner.

Primo Home Page, signed in























Next, use the search box to search for items in the catalog

Primo Search Results























From your search results, click on the item you wish to request

Primo Search Results























This will pull up the item record.  If you haven't signed in, you will see this red button.  You will need to click on this and sign in as above.

Primo Record























You will now see links to "Request pickup", "Request chapter PDF", and "Request library buy this book".  To get a book delivered to the music library, click on "Request pickup".

Primo Record























Under "Pickup Location", use the pull down menu.

Primo Record Pull Down Menu























Select "Music Library"

Primo Location























The "Comment" box is not required.  Now click the "Request" button.

Primo Request























If the request was successful, you will see this screen.

Primo Request Successful























You can see your requests by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner and then click on "My Library Account".



You will see a list of the items you currently have checked out.  Below that you will see a list of your requests and their status.