Physical Reserves

Library-owned materials and instructors' personal materials are listed in the library's online catalog. They can be searched multiple ways, including by title, instructor's name, course name, or course department. Physical reserve items may be borrowed at the Circulation desk with a valid photo ID. To ensure that reserve materials are readily available, only 2 reserve items may be checked out at one time. Reserve items must be returned to the Circulation desk. Larger fines are charged for overdue reserve items.


2 hour charges-Library Use Only
1 day charges
3 day charges
7 day charges


50¢/hour or portion of an hour

Electronic Reserves

Electronic reserves are full-text files that can be accessed online. With e-reserves, students can download and print reserve items from any campus computer or from their home. Passwords are assigned by the instructor, are unique for each course, and changed each semester. The instructor provides the password to the class.

Electronic reserves are subject to Copyright and Fair Use rules.

E-reserve items are available through the GIL library catalog. All electronic material can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To locate readings for a particular course, patrons can search the course reserves catalog by class name, course subject and number (example: CORS1001), or instructor last name. Patrons should click on the item title and then look for the "Full Text Online" link. Clicking this link launches Adobe Acrobat Reader and you will be prompted for the password assigned by the instructor.

Tips for viewing

E-reserve documents are PDF files created through Adobe Acrobat Exchange. In order to view and print these files, you need a recent version of Acrobat Reader. This is a free plug-in that can be downloaded at Adobe's website.

Search for an item on reserve.

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